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Our 20-day board and train program sets you up for success!

20 Days

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About the service

Our 20-day Board & Train program sets you up for success! At the end of it all, your dog will be sent home with the tools and knowledge needed for you to live your best lives together.

  • The Breakdown: $110 a day for 20 days. $300 for equipment.
  • The Basics: Your dog will learn Come, Sit, Down, Leave It, and Heel.
  • The Fun: Receive weekly updates on photoshoots and field trips your dog takes around town.
  • The Finale: At the end of it all, your dog will return to you better than ever with their very own E-Collar.
  • The Schedule: Your dog will be trained Tuesday through Saturday. On Saturday, your trainer will meet with you for a turnover that will cover everything your dog worked on over the last five days. When you take your dog home for Sunday and Monday to practice, you will be building up the foundation that your trainer already created. This schedule best ensures that the training your dog is getting during the Board & Train program will stick, as you are part of the training process.

What's included?

  • Obedience: Come, Sit, Down, Place, Heel
  • Off Command: One word to indicate all negative behaviors, and to guid your dog towards what you do and don't want.
  • House Manners: Covers door/vehicle manners, jumping on people, barking at new people, barking at doorbells, excessive licking, eating manners.
  • Break: One word to free your dog from a command, allowing them to be their regular doggy selves.
  • Equipment: The Board & Train package includes equipment used with your dog during their time spent with your trainer. Could include an E-Collar, prong collar, and/or a 10 ft. leash.

Pick Up and Drop Off

If you're located in the San Antonio area, we will come pick up and drop off your dog at your home. This allows your dog to get to know your trainer where they're most comfortable and confident.


We will pick your dog up on Tuesday morning and drop them off on Saturday afternoon. We can board your dog on weekends for $45 a day.

Out of Town

Live out of town? No problem! We can coordinate to make our Board & Train program work for you.

What is your staff experience?

Jacob has been training dogs for over 4 years and has trained well over 600 dogs. He ran a 152 dog kennel run for 3 years before gaining the expertise to develop his own training program.

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